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Turn acoustic instruments into digital ones with on-device machine learning.

A diagram of how to use MakeItMIDI: play piano, record on phone, transmits to computer.
Illustration by Rose Haslbauer

MakeItMIDI is an open source app that transcribes audio and digitizes it to the MIDI protocol standard in real-time. Play a note on your piano and it simply appears on your digital audio workstation or notation software using your phone as the go-between.

It uses the state-of-the-art in music and machine learning research and is made possible by neural network hardware acceleration in modern phones and tablets.

Making music on a computer is much more intuitive with a MIDI keyboard but there is no reason that people with real, acoustic pianos should be left out. MakeItMIDI makes it easier for anyone at home to be a digital music-maker.

Connect your phone to a computer via USB and click "Enable" on your iOS device in Audio MIDI Setup on macOS to get started.

A screenshot of the Audio MIDI Setup app on macOS.


  • Piano

The next version will support transcription of Voice, Guitar, and Drums.

We also intend on improving piano transcription by modifying newly trained models. If any of this interests you, please consider contributing to the project.


  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iOS 14.0+)

Android, followed by macOS and Windows support are next in line for support.

MIDI hosts

  • macOS (13.0+ Ventura comfirmed, earlier versions not validated yet)

There is experimental support for Windows using rtpMIDI. This will be fully validated in the near future.

This software is still considered in beta and there are plenty of bugs to fix and enhancements to make.

Please consider contributing on GitHub.


See the roadmap on Trello here.

Why is the app predicting many extra notes that I didn't play?

These false positives are probably octaves or perfect fifths above the notes you are playing. The long answer has to do with picking up the frequencies of higher partials in the harmonic series. The short answer is that simply by moving your device further away from the instrument you're playing on will reduce false positives.

Is connection from my device to my computer over Bluetooth coming?


Can I just upload some audio to my phone and export it as MIDI?

Of course, there shouldn't be a limitation on using this app only in real-time. This is slated for a future release.

Why is the app download size so large?

We strive to not have a need for internet connectivity in the app. We will package the neural network(s) in the app bundle for as long as we can get away with it according to App Store and Play Store app size policies.

We don't collect any data whatsoever and the app does not require an internet connection to use.

For any technical issues, please raise an issue on our GitHub repository and a contributor will assist.

For all other inquiries, please contact Noah at .